Why Jenga is fun?

Jenga is a universal game for anyone 3-years old and up, so it’s great for most groups. A mix of fear and greed drive your selection in either playing it safe and pulling an easy piece to avoid crashing the tower yourself, or pulling a challenging piece to set up the next player to topple the tower. Moments of silence and concentration quickly turn to cheers and groans as the tower teeters, recovers, wobbles, and ultimately crashes noisily at the end of each game.

What is the objective of Jenga game?

The object of the Jenga game is to remove one piece and place it atop the tower without knocking the structure (or other pieces) over. The winner of the game is the last player who successfully played a turn before the tower is knocked over.

How many people can play Jenga?

Jenga is best played with 2 to 6 players so that everyone can fit around the tower and also get frequent enough turns to keep it engaging. Playing Jenga adds Fine motor skills and coordination, taking turns. Can be played by  age 3 and up, but not just a kid game. Adults love it too! The playing time of Jenga game is usually 5-15 minutes and game length is mostly determined by how aggressively players play to make the tower challenging and how focused they are on their turns.


  1. Build the tower to set up the game
  2. Determine who goes first

The person who builds the tower goes first. In the first game, if only one person builds the tower, that’s who starts. If multiple people work together to build the tower, you can come up with some other way to determine who goes first (youngest, flip a coin, odd man out, etc). There’s no real advantage in going first, so don’t sweat it. In subsequent games, the player who knocks over the tower rebuilds it for the next game and is the first to play that game.

  1. Remove one block from the tower

Touching the tower with only one hand at a time, the player must remove one block from anywhere below the highest completed level, which means it will either be the 2nd level or below if the top level is complete with 3 pieces OR the 3rd level if the top level is incomplete with 1 or 2 pieces, making the 2nd level the highest completed level.

  1. Play the pulled block atop the tower

The player must then play the block atop the tower, in a direction perpendicular to the layer below it. Players may not start a new level until the level below it is complete with 3 pieces.

  1. Complete the turn

The player’s turn ends after they have pulled and played the block, as described above, and either:

A: 10 seconds has passed since they played their piece atop the tower

B: The next player touches any block

  1. Continue Play Clockwise

Play continues clockwise to the next player until the end of play

  1. End play when blocks fall

Play ends when a player knocks over any blocks on the tower other than the one they are playing.

  1. Declare the winner

The winner of the game is the last player to successfully complete a turn before the end of play when the tower (or some blocks) are knocked over.

  1. Set up the next game

Whoever knocked over the tower sets up play for the next game.

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