Tax Check Board Game


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Have you ever played a very interesting game? If you have not played Tax Check you are yet to have fun!!!
We are Glad to introduce a new Kenyan Board game in Kenya. The best game on business strategy of complying to government policies as you Discover tax secrets you did not know, In-depth on Investments, sale of assets like properties, cars and buying of shares as you have fun with your team of friends.
This board game can be played by 2 or more players of ages 6+. It’s very interesting with mind opening ideas on investment…
Cast the Dice to know who is to start, then read the manual and start the play. Play on until you eliminate all other players and you are left the King Pin. Whoever runs bankrupt and is not able to meet the rules of the game like pay tax, pay rent buy a property is eliminated automatically from the game. Play on until you are left one man standing and you will have WON.


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